Durham University's Enterprise Zone - Orbit announces a series of Fully Funded Leadership Workshops

Published on 01/02/2023
Durham University's Enterprise Zone - Orbit announces a series of Fully Funded Leadership Workshops Fully Funded Leadership Workshops 15th February/15th March/19th April 10.00am -2.00pm

Orbit is Durham University’s Enterprise Zone at Netpark. Supported by Research England and ERDF we provide flexible office space, networking space, innovation facilities and tailored support and industry-specific guidance for science and technology SMEs and university spinouts in the North East.

For the past 21 years Azesta have specialised in using experiential learning to help teams and leaders become enthusiastic, engaged and effective. They provide learning programmes with a twist of individuality, action, pace and excitement and always get participants fully involved.

Recognising that in many start-up/early-stage businesses individuals are initially hired for their technical abilities and as the business grows, they become leaders by default without the benefit of any leadership training and in many cases with no relevant experience.

The leadership workshops are intended to equip the participants with the skills and knowledge to identify their own leadership style and learn how best to translate this to the effective leadership of their team. Gaining understanding of the dynamics of a successful team and how to ensure everyone is striving towards a common goal.

Leadership is often challenging, and a large part of the workshops will be around dealing with conflict and those difficult conversations, how to give effective feedback and deliver coaching to gain the best from everyone.

The final part of the programme will be aimed at equipping the participants with resilience to allow them to deal effectively with change and will the ability to support their team through periods of uncertainty and change.

This is the second time we have run these workshops and feedback from the first cohort was excellent making it an easy decision to run them again in 2023.

The workshops are intended to be highly participative, and attendees will need to be prepared to share experiences and thoughts.  However, we are aware that different businesses are represented, and we will be aware of the need not to divulge commercially sensitive areas.

It is to be hoped that attendance on these workshops will allow us to create an alumnus of attendees who will continue to help and support each other on their leadership journey. Orbit will continue to encourage this through hosting follow up sessions and will be pleased to provide meeting spaces for any attendees who wish to arrange their own follow ups.

Contact David Allenson 07747249991 or email to check eligibility

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